Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Fame Game

After going to an iraqi eid party, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or laugh some more. Okay, so the eid party was late, classic iraqi behaviour, in fact, the party was said to start at 7pm. No one came in until 8pm. Seriously. Me and my family waited in the car for over half an hour. Even the venue was still locked. Of course it was entirely my fault; my insistence to be on time was uninformed. I should have taken the fact that it was an all iraqi party into consideration. :D

Anyway, the venue is kind of split into three sections; the women area, the men area and the everybody else area. Since the rule of thumb is that you cannot sit with the men or the women unless you are married, me and my friends were left hanging in the middle of a cold corridor.

Whilst in the cold corridor, I resorted to doing what I do best; listening ( that is, eavesdropping).

Basically, my father was talking to the son of the brother of the aunt of the mother etc... of Nuri Said. And the funniest thing is? This guy literally announced his entrance into the party, mentioning to everyone his 'lineage' or rather how he was related to Nuri Said. A 20 year old girl from Al Hilla kind of leaned and asked me if Nuri said was governing Iraq now. Ermmmm...

Apart from that, the party was great, and people from every ethnic group (and religion) from iraq was present, and guess what? No one fought.


geatg said...

So, Nuri Said is governing the country now?!!

touta said...

Apparently from beyond the grave. I think she got confused with Nouri Al- Maliki. :)