Friday, 31 October 2008

Taxi Talks

Yesterday, my grandfather was warned by some neighbours that we had attracted to much 'attention'. So today was spent being hauled about in a taxi. The first taxi guy was a cheerful man, who listened to hussam al russam, and loathed kathem el saher. He talked enthusiastically about how much girls were better than boys to raise.My mother laughed extremely loudly at this,while my dad grunted in approval.I would bet anything that he wanted the talk to turn to politics. It turns out he has 4 girls and one boy. He talked about the monarchy of Iraq,and showed his sympathy for the current children and adolescents living in this mess ('housa'). The taxi smelt of tea. Mmm.

I saw the abandoned/closed iraqi theme park in Baghdad. A lot of it looked ready to use and so cheerful amongst the sombre buildings around it, and the fence around it was definatley not a fence. It was a prison. Maybe I'm being too melodramatic, but the bars around the park just vividly made me picture a prison.

When it was time to go back, we also had to get a taxi. However, the driver insisted that I was to sit in front. He said that it would be less likely to be stopped if a girl sat in front. Then he kept asking everyone's name. Then our ages. Then which school/university we went to. Then he kept smoking. Like a chimney is an understatement to how much he smoked. And he hadn't heard of deodrant. All I could think about was opening the door while it was moving. Unfortunatly the worst was yet to come. It takes no more than 10 minutes to our neighbourhood. He took winding paths and kept changing the gears every few seconds. Then kept opening and closing the glove compartment to get water. In fear that he was paying more attention to the glove compartment than the road, I held the water. Then he stopped drinking so much.

After that taxi ride, my nana talked for a hour and a half on how the manners and etiquette have deteriorated.

*Grin*.Managed to get a blurry photo from the ordeal though.


Abbas Hawazin said...

I love your travel log, please describe to me EVERYTHING you see. I didn't realize how much I missed the hellhole.

touta said...

I prefer to describe it as 'paradise', but 'hellhole' works fine. :D.

touta said...

For your current post;
I loved the cartoon at the top. And I love these types of posts. Make me question everything.
But I don't believe Iraq is dying. Well, perhaps I'm just in denial, but I prefer to have hope. :D
Life's too short to not have hope, but perhaps, I am thinking like this because I've just heard firing...