Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sectarianism in Baghdad University

College of engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering.

Today I visited Baghdad University. The place was buzzing! The university had such a unique and different atmosphere to the rest of Baghdad. Students clustered around in small groups talking about revolutionary ideas. Girls leaned against walls giggling. Teachers frowned and occasionally made students carry their books. I could have spent an entire month there without getting bored.
At first I wandered around with my uncle who graduated 2 years agoish, but he soon disappeared, no doubt to 'socialise'. Currently, Iraq shabab football team is playing syria, and the radios are blaring the 1-0 to Iraq. I then couldn't help wandering off. The students at Baghdad University fall into categories. Those who look like a hollywood costume department has exploded onto them, and those who think that religion justifies looking menacing.

I couldn't help but laugh at the expense of others, and yes I do feel bad.

Categories are as follows;


1) The Shadows. Wear Black.Give disapproving looks to everyone. Socialise with the teachers. Somehow they always are walking behind you.

2) The Pavement sweepers. Long skirts clean the pavement as the walk. Head held down, give the air that they have commited a crime.

3) The Blondies. Have their hair streaked/dyed an obvious fake shade of blonde. Blink an awful amount, I wandered at one point if they all simultaneously had developed twitches.

4) The Oranges. Look like the extras from the al-bortaqala music video. That is, they wear painfully tight clothes, in clashing neon-bright colours. They tend to laugh at nothing in spontaneous bouts.


1) The Politicians. Stand Military style in the middle of pavements discussing the latest politics. Overuse the phrase "Akhee, ismaanee" (Brother listen to me). Talk over each other.

2) The Heavyweights. Basically, I am referring to those boys who are so polite (thigeel), they carry everyone else's books. Usually wear glasses.

3) The Grendizers. Think they are God's gift to women. Macho, and usually wear camouflage clothes. Shout obscene comments at intervals of 5 minutes.

4) The Bearded ones. Either have a full beardy, or a saksooka ( triangle beard). Won't look at females at all, their eyes dart around looking at the floor. Always wear jeans and a shirt.

However, manners wise, I have never met any students as polite as baghdadi students. Hope that redeems my exceptionally shallow analysis above. :D


pepe said...

Lol, looks like a movie scene, like american pie.

touta said...

haha, we could make it a film, perhaps call it iraqi falafel, or some other cheesy name. :D

pepe said...

great idea, although i never had a falafel. i just wonder how the iraqi equivalent for the "sherminator" would be like... :)

touta said...

hahaha,it would definatley have to be Uday. :D
falafel isn't really an typical iraqi food,but thats as close toa pie as you're gonna get.
Its sunnyin baghdad.:)

Abbas Hawazin said...

you stole my idea! Do you have access to my computer or something.

Seriously, you have some talent. I would spent ages until I get such sharp observation skills:

'religion justifies looking menacing'
'somehow they're always behind you'

I like, tremendously!

touta said...

Thank you! Ahh sorry about the idea thing. :)
*hacking into your computer are in fact a fifty year old..means I'm ten years older than you....*
Forgive my bad sense of humour...

khalid jarrar said...

'somehow they're always behind you'
'the oranges'

Those are a killer.

Seriously, you have to have your own show.

cray iraqi!

khalid jarrar said...

crazy, that is:P