Sunday, 30 November 2008

To a Stranger...

...Thank you for saving my Life. Literally.


geatg said...

ليش خير اشصار يا ساتر؟؟

touta said...

سمعت نصيحة شخص غريب و انقذت من انفجار. شكرا. :) توتا

Miss Violet said...

I'm glad that you survived Touta.. and I pray for every single iraqi:)

touta said...

I wasn't in the attack, don't worry. I changed my mind last minute. :D
I will pray for iraqis too. Hope you stay safe in Mosul
Lots of love from diyala

attawie said...

Oh dear,
Thanks God you're ok. take care of yourself :)
Stay safe

The Stranger said...


Miss Violet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Violet said...

thank U dear, wa elhamdellah al salama anyway:)

Najma said...

Thanks stranger, for saving a dear fellow blogger!

Love from Mosul,

geatg said...

hamdellah should be careful more often it is Iraq after all.

touta said...

"It is iraq after all". lol. Thanks geatg-you've made me smile. :D
Many thanks,
I hope you stay safe in mosul.
lots of love,
Many thanks, :)You take care too- I hear stress is the number one killer. Hope you are enjoying university.
Miss Violet,
Thank you . I hope you stay safe too. After all, we are sisters ;)
And to the stranger-if it really is you:
ليش ضام راسك؟

The Stranger said...

So I saved you.
Power to me, I guess, but...
Am I deserving of this?
Nonetheless, I feel good...
Kinda lame, this comment.
I guess I would delete it.
No, I'll just keep it.
Guess why?

(know where to look ;) )

Miss Violet said...

Good to see the one who saved you on the net , sis Touta :D.
Take care and stay safe,
Lots of love from Mosul.


Oh touta,thanks god you didnt pass that explosion. ive just read your post.thanks for your comment on my post. i used to read your blog regularly. what brought me to your blog in addition to being an iraqi blogger and nice posts is your nick name!! yap,bcoz im calling my laptop "Tota" too but without "u" haha.
thank you stranger.
take care.

touta said...

Baghdad Dentist. Haha, nice name for a laptop ;). Stay safe in baghdad and please keep blogging. Touta with a 'u'. :D

C.H. said...

Hi Touta!

How is the trip going? I'm just checking in to make sure you are staying safe :)

BTW, I'm getting my laptop repaired, haha, now I'm forced to use the house computer, LOL

touta said...

Its cold. :D And there seems to be less bombs here so safety is perhaps better.
House computers can be good. ;D

Sandybelle said...

Hello touta,
shlonich? ilsehha? il ahwal?
you have a wonderful blog style, i really love it. :) :)
and i have to read your posts, i promise in my spare time..
take care sis, always

touta said...

Alhamdulillah. :) Inshallah intee bee kheer. Stay safe in Mosul, and Many thanks,
Your sister,

سحاب said...

i think we must do blog for the survivors of the death

touta said...


should we do a blog of teh survivors of the death, or should we do a blog for those who died? both seem like a good idea.

سحاب said...

thank you touta
i do blogs for the survivors of the death and for those who died
see its: