Tuesday, 30 December 2008

1429/2008: what it brang

As i sit on my bed, I think about my relatives and the people i have met over the course of my life, that have managed to bring a smile to my face, and giggles in my throat.

First I have to mention, my immediate family. I spend more time thinking up revenge at them, than breathing air. Some of my more creative plans have included telling them the price of laham has gone up, but even I'm not that mean. :D

Secondly, iraqis in general around me. From body popping on the streets to the resumed shouting of " Yabis wa Timaaaaaaan!", we are a lively bunch. :D Oh, and Leymouna. I left Baghdad, it wasn't there, I came back, and there is a dessert shop around the corner. It sells the coolest fruit juices, which it smashes in front of you. Cool. :D

Thirdly, to the new friends I have made. Both offline and online. hhhhhhhhhhh.

Iraq is slowly blooming, as i watch through half closed eyes (I'm sleepy..), my education seems to be on the yellow brick road again, and I've found love in the form of blogging incessantly, and then deleting the posts, just to watch the confusion on people's faces.

Other than that, 2009 will bring me analysing society in general, and my many other trips and falls as i try to wade through the mess that is life. With some politics thrown in of course, as i desperatley try to re assure myself of having some intellect. :)

from the sidelines,
no i'm not having an identity crisis, its just the word nakhaly sounds so weird, i had to try it out. And I have. And it was good.

Iraq is slowly improving. According to those who stayed here during the bad times (understatement of the year), the killing/explosions are slightly less. Electricity is up to three hours a day in some places (that's considered excellent), and the water- really shouldn't be called water. Just had a vision of reality I'm afraid. :D Still, at least there's been a decrease in rats. The cats which i run away from seem to be breeding at an extrodanary rate. hhhhhh. :D


Miss Violet said...
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Miss Violet said...

What has reminded you of nakhaly, Touta!!! Iraqis are using white flour now a days hahaha… good to meet new friends each offline and online .. they really make you happy if you get depressed :).. I hope 2009 will be a great new year for you and all Iraqis:) … I also pray that you have learned from the mistakes that you have made in this year and begin a fresh new year :)… we have to learn from our trips.. and always need a close trustable person to get us out of our falls .
Keep blogging … and keep your blog Fog Al Nakhal :)
Kind Regards.

Nakhaly said...

Miss Violet,
you always make me smile.

I wish you a happy new year (both 2009 and 1430), and i hope you find, happiness, peace and success.

Lots of love,

pepe said...

Happy New Year Touta!!

And thanks for your great blog, one of the good things 2008 brought to me. :)

C.H. said...

Whoa Touta, you have changed your name! LOL. Are you having an identity crisis? Haha, I'm just joking ;)

Little Penguin said...

there's no shame in having an identity crisis.. I've been having one for years and I still haven't quite recovered from the debilitating side-effects of asking yourself "who am I? do I belong here? should I be doing this?"

I think 2009 will make things even clearer for me.. and for you.. for everyone, I hope..

I've got bucketloads of stuff to write about.. it's insane!

Happy New Year.. :)

Nakhaly said...

many thanks, and i hope you have a wonderful new year!!..I hope to see more of you on my blog, especially opinion wise. :D

who's touta and where am I? I might get bored and change it. hhh :P

I know what you mean, and to help: You're iraqi pingu, you belong everywhere, and you shouldn't be doing it until you've thought it through,while eating a plate of dolma. :D
hhhh, but i hope 2009/1430 will be clearer, and bring you happiness.

p.s. the more you write the easier it becomes, i suggest more posts/comments from all of you above. :D
Happy new year!!!


Hi "Nakhaly",
you know its great to change your nickname bcoz there is only one "tota" haha,kidding.touta is a nice one,better than baghdadentist,may be i will change it to "molar" :)!!!.
happy new year,may all your wishes come true.

Nakhaly said...

molar wa canine,
hhhhhhhhhhh, i dont think you can compare touta ( a girls name) to baghdad dentist (boys name). hhhhh.

have a great new year, and may you find happiness.
best wishes,
tota 2 :D

Matt said...

Hi Nakhaly/Touta, I have enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it recently and I hope you continue in the New Year. You have a good mix of personal experiences and just a little politics, and a nice soundtrack, too. But what does Nakhaly mean? Somebody who likes the nakhal?

Nakhaly said...

Thanks. :D
I saw your web page, and its very interesting.
nakhaly can means different things depending where in iraq you're from. I take it to mean 'my nakhal'. :D

Arthur Spellbound said...

I wish you and all the people of your country a great deal of happiness in 2009.


Matt said...

So are you sure you mean Nakahly and not Nakhalkum? ;)

Touta said...

many thanks, hope everything goes well in the Uk and world too.

hhhhhh, you soldiers and your excellent languages skills. I'm selfish, so i refer to it as nakhaly. mine and mine only. lol.