Thursday, 22 January 2009

Politicians in the ring.Round one.Ding!

Before I go...

I have to quickly type up the fun that was three political 'rallies' i went to. Suprisingly, all three had different opinions compared to 3/4 years ago, when there was just hate- no politics, and compared to 7/8 years ago, when there was... well saddam.
I would provide the running commentary around me, but i've forgotten quite a lot because of the fact i am busy etc.

Secular (ilmee-scientific) Iraqi Politician:

"we have to stop depending on oil, and rebuild our pharmaceutical industries, that once were known for their excellency"

"women should have equal rights, what is this talk of no seats in parliament for them- one in two should be allocated. Where can we find men after all the wars we have been through? Realistically, women are running the everyday lives, they need to make their voices heard, and let their power raise iraq from the ashes"

"My friends, religion has no place in politics. No place! If we want democracy, true democracy, then we let everyone freely practice their religion at home, while the country is run by educated, unbiased individuals."

"We need to take down the concrete barriers. Qabeehat. (ugly)"
An old man replies quietly: "Like you then." No one else heard comment.
I choke supressing laughter.

Sunni Iraqi Politician

"we need someone to speak for the other half of the country, the shias have a voice, the kurds have a voice, now it is time for us to represent the rest of the iraqis."

"what happened to loving your neighbour? what happened about caring for your fellow country men? I'll tell you. It died with the hate of the rest of the world. We need to be independent. Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. It is ours"

"with dignity we shall rise our heads from rubble. And we will say 'ihna asasna al hathara wa ihna nilab beeha' " (translation: 'we made civilization and we will play in it': its a quote from a hussam alrassam song, whole rooms bursts into laughter)

"I say, if i invited you to kebab, would you vote for me?" *charismatic smile*.
Woman replies " la pacha habibi". (translation:"no, pacha, my love". Pacha is basically boiled head of a lamb).
Politician replies: "please help yourself to food and drinks on the outside, and feel free to ask any questions".
woman: "ako pacha?" (is there pacha?)

Shia Iraqi Politician

"we make up over half of the country. Let us have our voices heard. Let us show that we have suffered for a reason. (something about hussein suffering, very touching, but i have forgotten it)"

After being asked a question about women rights:
"you expect me to tell you that they should stay at home, mu? Well, we will not be like Iran. Women here will have rights. They will vote. They will live"

"As i watched a hundred doves fill the iraqi sky, i knew the time had come to let our power fly free. Show the world we will always be here."

"we need to stop stealing ourselves. One steals his brothers oil, his brother steals his house."
Takes a drink of water. " even this water is probably stolen.This is turkish water mu? Everything is turkish these days. My wife speaks perfect turkish from Noor." (noor was an insanely popular soap opera from turkey.)
Guy replies: "But Noor was imdablija (dubbed)."
Politician laughs.
update: I changed 'Guy' into 'Iraqi Politician' because i feel these politicians need some respect from time to time. *cough*


C.H. said...

Touta...I wish you all the best. stay safe on your trip, and make sure you have fun.

Will the rest of your family be staying in Baghdad? I hope that your Grandma is doing okay. This must be a tough time to be traveling.

Please keep in touch with us as much as you can while you are over there :D

attawie said...


I don't know if شرالبلية ما يضحك
or is it about the terms and a funny image you were able to draw about what's going on.

Waiting for round 2 :D

Have a safe trip. Update us once you can. All the best touta :)

moonlight said...

:D you always manage to bring out the humour in everything. I can just imagine the rallies.

I hope you have a good trip and I also hope your grandmothers health is improving.

best wishes

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Great recap, Touta. :)

Ahhh, politics. People are always so passionate. Which can be a good thing, if not taken to excess.

Yes, people always worry about the opposing candidate getting in and doing something really horrible. But I think it is the collective actions of a large number of people that we have to be concerned about. A perfect example being the financial mess we are in now. *sigh*

But one has to hope that whoever gets in does an outstanding job. In my case I sincerely hope that Obama turns out to be one of the best Presidents we have ever had. Because that is what the country needs right now.

Have a safe trip and hopefully you will find that you are not as lonely as you fear you will be. Keep us posted if you can. :)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Funny thing, I heard on the newspaper that a barber in Al Karrada was charged by bribing people and buying votes for some candidate of list 290 "the list of the Islamic Council in Iraq" by offering citizens of Al karrada free meals of kababb!

Touta said...

thanks, hope you are enjoying school and all is well with new president.

ma adri walla, i just put the quotes that i thought were funny, and i could remember. :D

thanks, life needs wishes to you.

politics and people being passionate? i wish. Its more like people are so agressive with politics, but i hope countries carry on improving everywhere.

*cough cough* i didnt eat no free kababb... :D hehe. Are you going to vote, or do you need a free meal to persuade you as well? :D

C.H. said...


I hope that you had a safe must be exhausted, although the time difference from Baghdad to London isn't all that bad, at least not compared to the time difference from San Francisco, lol! I spent most of my first day sleeping when I went to Ireland ;)

How is the weather? Last time I was in Europe, the UK was in the middle of an extreme rain cycle during the Summer.

Michomeme said...

So you are going there? bon voyage!

///RhusLancia said...

Thanks for sharing those observations, Touta, and have a nice trip! Also don't forget to,

Praise Öbama

Sandybelle said...

Hello touta, shlonich 3youni?
I like your post, it includes many ideas. sometimes i wonder, why a little child like my sister ( ten years old) cares too much about politics.
it needs to think a bit. i myself when was younger i was caring about politcs, but now, it's less to a great extent, maybe when i finish high school i will think again. who knows?
be safe touta,
bosa minni ilich,

Matt said...

Yes, you did not eat the kebab yet, because you are holding out for the bacha!

Best wishes,

Touta said...

well, its cold..and rain, but they have clean water!! :D

i arrived today, et merci beaucoup!!!

thanks, and why would i praise an obama with an umlaut on the o? and why are you on strike three///? :D

shukran, inti ham deerbalich ala nafsich! :D
wiya hob minee ilich.

shhhh, keep it quiet, modern iraqi girls aren't supposed to like bacha. hehe.
best wishes

///RhusLancia said...

Hi Touta,
In brief, I'll explain. During the US campaign, a local reporter in Florida ambushed Joe Biden and asked a question along the lines of "is Öbama going to make the US socialist, like Sweden?" (more here). I thought it was hilarious, especially since one guy I often debate with is Swedish. So, I have latched on to the creepy personality cult of Öbama (tongue in cheek), but I have "Sweden-ified" his name by spelling it with a Swedish Ö. The Swedish commenter, by the way, is named Marcus but I call him "Marxus" for fun. You've probably "met" him. He is pretty cool all in all, except he has a decidedly Swedish preference to contain people like Saddam as long as whatever they do, they keep it inside their own borders. Recall Sweden's behavior during WWII to know what I mean.

The three strikes on my name are 'cause I got a new-to-me car the day after Christmas that merits a "re-badge" of my name. If you recognize the logo you know what it is, and you may also then understand how I could be infinitely more excited about my silly new-to-me car than I am about our new president.

Touta said...

marxus? I understand the obama umlaut now, and i'm guessing you're therefore not one of the millions who blockaded the streets on inaugration day.

As for the car...a mahindra? Cars are better than politicians in too many ways to count, so no arguments from me.

///RhusLancia said...

Hmm, had never heard of a mahindra, but I see some similarity in the strikes to this, which is the logo in question.

Spoiler alert: it's just like this one.

I will eventually get bored of mimicking the creepy personality cult of our new pres', but for now,

Praise Öbama

Touta said...

so its either a bmw or mercedes i'm guessing. what either one has to do with three strikes puzzles me.

you think that your president's cult is creepy? There is nothing remotely creepy that millions blocked the streets for obama's presidency, only perhaps because he is not 'white'. No creepiness there at all.

///RhusLancia said...

It's a BMW M3 convertible, like the pic in the link above. An eleven year old one, hence my ability to afford it ;) but man is it fun. The logo of BMW M GmbH is ///M. Hence my new name. So much for a short explanation - sorry!

Re: the creepy Öbama cult, have you seen Felini's Amarcord? It's a great film set in the 30s in Italy with Mussolini's rise as a backdrop. I cannot find a good YouTube clip, but there is an awesome scene of a march through town by his supporters going on about how great and new he was. Felini was mocking Mussolini's personality cult, but I draw parallels to today. Any personality cult is creepy independent of race and they seem to go wrong, historically, so often. Anywho,

Praise Öbama