Friday, 19 June 2009

Almost Asleep

Done. I don't know how, but i've finished.

I'm supposed to be packing, but urgent matters need addressing first, such as sleeping. Something i don't remember doing for at least 2 months.

Mother quote concerning my sleep deprivation: " you have the eyes of an old woman-no an old man! " (عندج عيون مرأة عجوزة، لا والله ،عيون رجال عجوز، )

I'm sleepy, but Sleep refuses to enter my bed chamber, and instead stands in the door frame in the depth of the night, creepily teasing me with its shadow.

This is why i look forward to going back. The waves of heat induce sleep whether you want it or not, and if that doesn't work, you always have the option of being sent to sleep by the lullaby of cursing traffic, humming generators and the distant voices of strangers.

The past days, the only thing i accomplished is probably arguing with everyone within a one meter radius of me.

I'm not looking forward to tidying the bomb ravaged mess that was my room. I haven't seen the carpet for too long a time. As for the paper perpertrators of this heinous mess, I'm going to destroy them, and the bitter memories of stress that they hold.

I'm Happy. I've realised i stopped caring months ago, and it feels blissful. I don't want to lose this euphoria. Not for a long time.

Its the imminent joy that comes of not knowing whats happening around you or in the world. The evil glee of not caring what people think anymore. Choosing how you act, what you say. Its my freedom, and it seems almost out of place sometimes, but then i remember. I really couldn't care less. Life's too short. :)

'I'm about to lose my mind,
and i think i like it.'

Livin' La Vida Loca....