Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lunar Year

I got reminded and the realisation couldn't have made me more happy...

I've been blogging for a lunar year. When the actual year anniversary passes, i think i might actually set off fireworks.
You may be wondering why this seemingly overreaction at my blog's anniversary...well...the truth was i never though i would last. :D Talk about lack of faith.

I was going to write a whole how i've changed since my first post, but, i'm going to leave that for the actual year anniversary.

I've got many many stories and stuff to tell, but for some reason I'm actually too busy to sit down and write them..*cough lie cough*. Fine... i screwed up my finger and had to have stitches, and now every letter i type brings a whole new meaning to the word 'pain'.
I would tell you how i cut my finger so badly, and it would probably make you choke with laughter, but of course I'm embarassed. =D No, really, shameless touta is actually embarrassed.

Where was I? oh yes, I was guilt tripping everyone ;) Perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic about the pain thing, but it does hurt to use, since it is my first finger, which is the most active member of my typing.
Its taking such a long time to type this.

I rediscovered how much I shudder at Karl Wolfe... I recently heard not one, but two of his 'songs' played loudly, and at that moment, I think a part of me died.

i didn't really understand what there was to dance too (the 'music' or lack of it), yet i was still subjugated to scary looking women barking at me to get up and dance, as they jumped around, bumping and knocking everything over.
I actually wished they were in abbayas, then at least their dancing may have looked graceful, covered by billowing black silky fabric. But no such luck, they all wore metallic tight dresses and shook their long excessively straight hair in a way that would embarrass any 'gypsy' (iraqi slang for slutty girls in music videos who shake to the music-i'll leave it to your imagination as to what they 'shake'. hehe actually its only their hair you one track minded people! :P).

I found refuge by walking outside and making calls. Unfortunalty i couldn't hear most of what was said - loud music, loud laughter, loud crying...there is honestly only two tones of speaking for iraqis: loud and louder.

Lesson of the Day- my silent smile and nod tactic backfired, as one woman shouted across the room to my mother - 'is your daughter deaf? she might be DYKLEXIC ya habeebti, get her tested', followed by her pinching my cheeks in a way that meant i walked around cursing violently in my head as the pinch stung for minutes after. I felt as if she had just announced i should be tested for a sexually transmitted disease, as pairs and pairs of eyes glanced at me quickly, and then looked away with the same lightening speed. And no, I wasn't imagining it.
I had to bite down my tongue pretty hard to stop myself from telling said lady it was her fault i couldnt hear anything (she arranged the seatings and made me sit next to a blasting speaker that was over half my height), and that being 'dyklexic' has nothing to do with deafness.

But in my head, the 'what i want to do scene' was brutally crushed by social etiquette, respect for elders, and generally an 'i give up' attitude.

Off to dream now..Good night. :)


نوفل said...

happy ied
عنوان مدونتك رائع
ان شاء الله دائما فوق النخل
اذا تحبين شوفي قصيدتي واني فوق النخلة

spinspermy said...

I think karl wolf is the one who is gotta be dyslexic... what kind of weird parties you were in!!!? karl wolf+Iraqi radi7

Touta said...

happy eid too, and thanks. :)

aha, there;s also someone called 'massari' who i thought might be egyptian considering his name.
hahaha, lets just say i hate parties. actually loathe them because these are the ones i have to put up with, and the ones in iraq are sometimes worse..

spinspermy said...

hmm,I vaguely remember what a party looks like .. though I spent most of my life enjoying funerals..well for ma9aree-n I think he has a lebanese origin, anyway, good luck finding a way to have fun since you don't like 'parties'

attawie said...

Did i just read the word "party"?

*runs and shouts horribly in the streets*

Never mind, I chronically allergic to this word and have my own issues for the time being ;)

"is your daughter deaf?"
lol I tend to act deaf, and blind at times. I do whatever it takes to amuse myself in such parties or gatherings :D

Salamaat! how did you cut it? oh I respect your choice if you don't like to share but would love to hear it though *thinking of a conspiracy and contacting a man who know how to extract secrets* :P

Touta said...

hmmm, i just need my mind to have fun. :D

hehehe, it involved me not looking and laughing while i did something. it bled soo much!

moonlight said...
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khalid jarrar said...

2i777im... i hear my service is needed here attawie? say the word!

**prepares terrifying tools**

Anonymous said...

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