Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I'm so tired, but I'm here. In fact I got here a few days ago.
I think it was a pretty rash decision, I should have perhaps organised myself more.
I was received by a large mixture of emotions. I'm too overcome with exhaustion to register anything now, other than the need to attack the floor and head off into sleep - again.

I first saw my mother. She hugged and kissed me and told me I looked tired, as she stroked my hair. I honestly felt like collapsing. I wondered how comfortable the luggage trolleys were.
I saw my father sporting a short beard. I went up to kiss him, but instead got a brief hug and the 'pat on the back'. The one which knocks you a meter forward. I keep forgetting how every guy in my family is actually scared of public affection.

In fact, I think for the past few years, I've been shaking hands with my brother and as for my young male cousins...they made it clear I would rather 'punch' them than kiss them. I asked them if it was my moustache that put them off my kisses, and that 'joke' earned me an embarrassed hug from the 13 year old.(bet you're wondering why joke is in apostrophes hehehe :D)

I only get a week with them-they have to return to work, exams etc. It could have been two weeks, I think sadly.

I try my best to keep my eyes open and hazily walk, leaving the bright luggage bags to embarrass my parents, rather than me. After what seems like forever, I walk in to be greeted by my grandparents, uncle, and siblings.

My nana almost immediately pushes pyjamas in my hands, and tells me to go relax. Only after my breath is gone from hugs, do I get to make my clumsy exit. I come back to be kissed goodnight by my father.
As he kisses my forehead, I laugh, and i giggle even more as his new beard scratches my cheeks. He asks me earnestly if the beard makes him look old. I reply with of course not. Though the vast amounts of white hair in his beard do worry me. In fact its 80% white.

My grandmother hands me more pillows, and holds my hand, as she guides me to the quietest room. The bed has been made ready for me, and I feel guilty as I know their preparation actually started weeks ago. She kisses me, with tears in her eyes, and closes the door, flooding the room in absolute black.

I stretch down on the marble floor instead, and fall asleep within nano seconds.

The morning after (afternoon after more precisely), I wake up and wander into the living room, where everyone is busy talking, peeling, watching. Everyone suddenly looks different.
My brother looks older, My father has no beard, and my mother looks tired.
I patter to the kitchen and ask my grandmother, quite suspiciously why everyone looks different now. She laughs and stares at me. A few minutes later, my mother walks in, and tells me its my fault. What is? I ask surprised, feeling guilty for no apparent reason.
'Your dad shaved his beard of this morning because of you', she says quite sadly. I'm confused as to why, so I campaign my innocence to my mother, as my grandmother chuckles quietly.
She insists its my fault, and I give up, laughing while i try to drink my tea.


Anonymous said...

cool so what did happen?

programmer craig said...

Touta, I saw a big headline story on the BBC a few days ago about the first non-stop flight to Iraq from the UK. Was that yours? Even if it wasn't, you must have been on one of the first so that's a pretty historic event!

Though the vast amounts of white hair in his beard do worry me. In fact its 80% white.

You know, I hate shaving so I usually let my whiskers grow for a few days... it's in style now anyway, right? But lately I've noticed I have a lot of white whiskers! I have no white hairs on my scalp yet! Strange how that happens! Well, anyway, if you really think your dad looks better without the beard, make sure and tell him how much younger it looks. I'm sure that will make him happy :)

spinspermy said...

where is the other post?!!!

Touta said...

a lot of unsavoury things happened. :D

programmer craig,
exhausting too. :)
the short beard doesn't look so bad when you have hair on your head. I didn't realise there was a fashion amongst men :P but generally it is more practical than shaving everyday right?
i didn't actually have an opinion on the beard, everyone tries to go against the 'muslim beard' look generally in the middle east.

i'm not sure, i pressed publish, and it said the post was published. I tried to 'preview' my blog but it wasn't on there.

Craig said...

Thanks for the reply, Touta! Now that I know you were probably having to sit next to some obnoxious guys in the internet cafe when you made it, I appreciate it even more :)