Saturday, 1 May 2010


Aaaah I've lost a post (Iraqi Family Conversations), and my emails aren't sending.

So begins the cut off from technology.
Its part of the charm I suppose, the serenity and lack of everything associated with electricity.

I have decided there is no way I'm approaching an internet cafe any more. I've lost the willpower to put up with any of it.

'Any of it' being the guys on either side of me who kept repeating love words to whoever they were whispering to, while i tried to type, and fufill various online forms. (validation of university course etc).

I was close to smashing the keyboard on their heads. But I refrained. After all, I'm not violent.

In case I don't post any time soon, have a great summer. :)


someone said...

couple of guys annoyed you and you are giving up... huh!! I don't mind if couple chicks do that to me in public places, btw I still can't find a link between Techno(gayish) music and sweaty summer of Iraq.

nadia said...

Don't be a stranger.

Touta said...

You know I dislike the phrase 'give up' :P
The talk wasn't directed at me, but generally lots of talk doesn't put you in a thinking mood.

People get sweaty when dancing to techno right?

nice to see you around, i'll try as long as you do :D

JG said...

Have a great summer yourself, Touta.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! do keep up the posting hopefully when the electricity resumes!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Have a nice summer, Touta. :)

moonlight said...

Ahhhh I feel like I haven't read your blog in years!!!! So your back in Iraq now? And enjoying your summer hopefully :)
hope to see a post soon! Stay safe.