Saturday, 26 June 2010

Civil Disobedience

Its so hot. I spend my days drowning in my own sweat, which is not a very pleasant feeling, although it was quite a novelty at first. My sandals kept ripping in the middle of the street, and at first I blamed cheap manufacture on the ever breaking sandals (i broke 3 in one week).
Turned out the heat was melting the glue that was holding the sandal together.

Speaking of disobedience, I feel like I'm breaking a law by laughing or smiling.
And so brings me to my story...

Guy 1: My mother said she'd kill me if i went to the protests, seems right though.
Guy 2: My mother is going to the protests.
Guy 1: What really? Why's khala (aunt) bringing herself into that mess?
Guy 2: she's taking her pots and buckets with her
Guy 1: Why my love?
Guy 2: She says when they spray water at the crowds, she's going to run towards the water and collect it. We haven't had water for 4 weeks.

At what point I burst out laughing uncontrollably, Guy 2 grinned, but guy 1 remained with his serious face. After relaying the incident to my grandmother, (and laughing whilst doing so), she smiled sadly, and replied 'well what can they do?'.

At which point I worriedly thought maybe they weren't joking.

But nonetheless, we go back to Farid's song...Life is beautiful (to those who understand it).

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Violet's Pure Heart said...

Hey ,girl
How are you :P

Very glad to hear from you :)
some times we don't have water for weeks LOL, As well as the power :D

Miss ya XxX