Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Through the Key Hole.

I don't know whether to feel sorry for them, or laugh at their actions.
My poor cousins are a product of post-war schooling.

Usually in the middle east, i find there is less shyness amongst the same gender, so men get changed with other men, and women get changed with other women.And i don't need to mention the abundancy of kisses and hugs.
Or as my brother refers to it - in the middle east, there is no understanding of privacy or personal space.

As you may (or may not) know, I'm spending my time at my grandparents. As I looked around for whatever i needed, I heard my aunt's voice getting angrier and angrier.
She never gets angry, I thought disorientated. Opening the door, I find her warning the oldest female cousin. They're standing close to my door, so I guess what their sin was, and try to absolve them of it. My aunt disagrees, and says calmly she would just like to know Why. From my aunt's anger, I deduce this isn't the first time they've been caught.

After looking at the floor for a while, and shuffling their feet, my cousin answers that in her biology class, the teachers had ripped the pages about the female and male body, because it was deemed 'haram' (sinful).
Me and my aunt look at each other with a mixture of shock and confusion.

All in all, the way that society is so closed is not allowing children to live up to their full potential.
I hate seeing their world weary faces, so full of knowledge about war, insults and darkness . But their knowledge in Science, in Arts? Those pages have been ripped out of their life.

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Eye Raki said...

this is such a sad post, you would think with their cautious and religious obligations there wouldn't be so much bloodshed in the country.

Anonymous said...

I agree, such a sad post. I guess you live outside of Iraq but you visit frequently? :?

Ihsiin said...

The sex pages were ripped from my science book all those years ago, being deemed haram (or maybe just indecent, I'm not quite sure). Instead, we were taken aside by one of the male teachers and discreetly told the facts of life.
There was one boy in our class, though, who managed to procure a copy of the textbook whole and unripped. We would gather around when no teachers were about and marvel at the majestic biology of reproduction. Or perhaps we were just perving over diagrams of genitalia. I never could tell. We were eleven year olds, after all.