Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Light

Its streams quite violently through the wafer thin curtains daily.

At times I feel this city is about to eat me alive, but on the good side that has made me quite heartedly throw myself into studying, to forget the woes of independence.
Quite ironic.

I get lost on a daily basis, but the fun part is, in getting lost, I find so much.

Plus, getting lost here does not present a danger of being killed, kidnapped or worse. (Well there is a danger, but a lot less, that seems so paranoid of me, i almost feel guilty)

I opened my blog in horror the other day and looked at it. It had become like an overgrown garden, unkempt and full of everything. I remembered our garden...everything was always too long, too big, and too much.

Not that it didn't have beauty in it, but it was at times suffocating with its greenery and overgrowth.

So I did some pruning...:)

Oh, and what is with the weather?!