Sunday, 26 December 2010

Since We've no place to go...

My thoughts hurt - they're running so quickly away from me. Won't this life just slow down for one small second...apparently not judging by the frantic thrashing of everyone around me.

I seem to be the only person who isn't running around, which is perhaps why I undoubtedly stick out like a wandering tumbleweed, slowly catching onto fragments of the day.

What can I say about London that hasn't already been said? My intentions were to write a more personal diary like post, but the common cold has me in its clutches. Quite viciously might I add, I feel like someone is drilling my head everytime I cough, and I'm pretty sure at one point, my soul decided it would try to claw its way out of my flu-infested body.

Other than that, 'Life' has been a fun experience. I feel like a child amongst all the new-ness and excitement of everything, although I wonder when it will all wear off, and I will be slapped into the harsher reality of adult life. Not now. Not yet.

Seems like so many events have come and gone and I have not so graciously missed them all. But 'there's always next year' as they which I can't help but reply with the classic iraqi phrase of...'if i'm still alive next year'.
Yes, Iraqis do seem to be a depressed bunch. We might even be the first modern 'gothic' nation,or is 'emo' more befitting these days?