Sunday, 26 December 2010

Since We've no place to go...

My thoughts hurt - they're running so quickly away from me. Won't this life just slow down for one small second...apparently not judging by the frantic thrashing of everyone around me.

I seem to be the only person who isn't running around, which is perhaps why I undoubtedly stick out like a wandering tumbleweed, slowly catching onto fragments of the day.

What can I say about London that hasn't already been said? My intentions were to write a more personal diary like post, but the common cold has me in its clutches. Quite viciously might I add, I feel like someone is drilling my head everytime I cough, and I'm pretty sure at one point, my soul decided it would try to claw its way out of my flu-infested body.

Other than that, 'Life' has been a fun experience. I feel like a child amongst all the new-ness and excitement of everything, although I wonder when it will all wear off, and I will be slapped into the harsher reality of adult life. Not now. Not yet.

Seems like so many events have come and gone and I have not so graciously missed them all. But 'there's always next year' as they which I can't help but reply with the classic iraqi phrase of...'if i'm still alive next year'.
Yes, Iraqis do seem to be a depressed bunch. We might even be the first modern 'gothic' nation,or is 'emo' more befitting these days?


HyperCRYPTICal said...

So pleased you have posted again Touta - your posts have been a miss.

Hope the depression lifts.

Anna :o]

Touta said...

thanks, there's so much to write about and so little time. I'm sure as soon as the flu goes, the depression goes too :)


Hey Touta,
a veryyyyyyy loooooong time.hope the flu and depression fade away.

stay safe


Touta said...

walla nice to hear from you again,
wa ya depression ya skhaam, alhamdullilah :D

hope you post soon
best wishes :)

Khalid from said...

Happy New year to you our little Iraqi girl as you try your best to beat all the odds in London including the flu. Thanks to Allah its not swine.
مع تحياتي

attawie said...

hay! Look who's here. (the Iraqi astonished hay) :P

so much to share? check
no time to do so? check
flu? check


I know what you're talking about. inshalla soon you'll be better and will be able to share everything with us. Glad to see an update :)

JG said...

Happy New Year, Touta. And, as Khalid said, at least it's not swine flu!

Touta said...

thank you, i hope you'll return to writing soon, and swine flu doesn't seem so fact i will welcome the fever in this cold weather :))

yaaaaaaaay, mako kaslaana mithlee ya attawie lol, i didn't understand your last post much btw, and yes, its the cycle of wasting time and not having time...

happy new year too JG! Swine flu runs 1000 miles when it hears i'm iraqi lol :D

attawie said...

well it's a post I had in my draft that was "scheduled". I can't remember I scheduled it to be publish but it was there for months. then one day I got a comment notification in my inbox O_O

anyways, it's nothing. I'm only puzzled why would someone who writes such a wisdom piece and clam it to be someone's else's work :)

Oh check the links in that post, they are interesting :D