Sunday, 15 May 2011

'I think you're amazing'

My year of being a fresher is coming to an end. So much funny memories which I have neglected to write, choosing only criticism and complaints in my posts.

Staring at the white suited man reciting the gospels quickly, as his head shakes from side to side. He blesses me once. He blesses me twice. He blesses me three times, the third time, I finally look up into his face.
His crinkled eyes show such worry, worry for me or for himself, I'm not quite sure.

He mumbles the sentence, as my mouth opens in slight shock, trying to understand. To distinguish the meaning of it all.

He saunters slowly off the tube. From my peripheral vision, I can see the guy on my left grin at me for a few seconds, before returning to his gadgets.

I leave glowing happily, my thoughts of exams completely obliterated.