Sunday, 15 May 2011

'I think you're amazing'

My year of being a fresher is coming to an end. So much funny memories which I have neglected to write, choosing only criticism and complaints in my posts.

Staring at the white suited man reciting the gospels quickly, as his head shakes from side to side. He blesses me once. He blesses me twice. He blesses me three times, the third time, I finally look up into his face.
His crinkled eyes show such worry, worry for me or for himself, I'm not quite sure.

He mumbles the sentence, as my mouth opens in slight shock, trying to understand. To distinguish the meaning of it all.

He saunters slowly off the tube. From my peripheral vision, I can see the guy on my left grin at me for a few seconds, before returning to his gadgets.

I leave glowing happily, my thoughts of exams completely obliterated.


JG said...

Congrats on making it through first year, Touta. Best wishes for your exams and all that, if you haven't already finished them!

khalid jarrar said...

oh wait maftihamit, what tube ya words? why was the guy grinning at you, mino shino? :O

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Congrats too Touta. I do so miss your excellent imagery created by your wonderful descriptive writing.

But life changes and you must focus on what is important now.

Anna :o]

Touta said...

thanks, i sadly haven't finished them,although soon....just on the horizon is the end. :) hope the world of work and ireland is going well! I never realised uni goes by so quickly, before i know it, i'm going to be graduated...:O

yubooooo, bideet :P
basically on the 'tube' (london underground/subway), there are these old 80 year old guys who preach the bible and go around blessing people and damning others. such a white suited old guy told me i was loved by Jesus, told me i was amazing, grinned at me, then left.
That is all :D
soweet ha qusat 3antar lool

you're right, life changes and people change, i almost feel as if writing is documenting that change, which is why it is important. thanks and best wishes! :)

Ihsiin said...

How was life as a fresher? Are you looking forward to lording it over the freshers next year?

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

In America "tube" is slang for television. :)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hi JG, long time no see!

Touta said...

I can't quite say, I never undertook in any of the popular 'fresher' activities. Though i have to admit, the system here is feudal like?
I'm looking forward to doing the same next year, as I did this year- wandering aimlessly in the museums.

I sadly can't remember the last time I saw a television, let alone watch one...what's the news on middle eastern politics in America?

JG said...


Wandering aimlessly in museums is fantastic! Especially in a new city. I did plenty of that in Berlin a couple of years back and could not have enjoyed it more.

Oh... and I presume Lynnette was referring to the revolutions going on in the Middle East. Another story that caught my eye was this supposed Syrian female blogger who is actually a man in Turkey!


Hi there! It has been a while. Hope you're well. :)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


At the moment the news is all about Syria and what is happening there. Not good. One of those regime's it will be hard to put pressure on to cease their violence against civilians.


I'm doing okay. Been a little busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to get back here.

Hmmm...I heard about a "female Syrian blogger" that was really a man living in the United States. Same one perhaps? I'll have to check your link...

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Yup, same one.

Touta said...

it is, its surprisingly informative, though I'm often disappointed by the lack of interest in the middle east there is there..apart from the obvious Egypt and the pyramid stuff, though i suppose the supply is according to the demand.
i heard it was an american man in the UK....

as many have said before me, and as i say...its like Iraq pre war, and every dog has its day as the saying goes...
But its bugging me there isn't as much action on towards the middle east as there once was, the world is quite the hypocrite.

all this talk of the man blogger pretending to be a girl is breaking me into a sweat...not long before you all find out I'm in fact a lonely Siberian man, hiding in the snowy mountains...