Thursday, 16 June 2011

The night before..

I need a plausible excuse.

My skin is a greyish tint, my eyes look deep and dark, and I'm generally scrunching up my face angrily without noticing.

This study year has taken its toll, and I'm not sure how to explain my deterioration. I think they half expect me to come back an English rose. Instead I shall return to them like a Disney villain.

My mind is euphorically empty, and I might use this opportunity to look once more on the city that I live and avoid at the same time.

The world has never looked so extensive as it does now.
I feel a growing sense of excitement, at the same time apprehension.

I want to go running around screaming after pigeons, but I'm sure if I were to, I'd get sent to a correctional institute.The ground here is not soft at all, its rock hard concrete. I miss soft dirt, it makes a thudding sound, and although it looks unsightly, for some strange reason, the earthy smell of it surrounds you with rich history.

This night is going to be so dark and befitting a Disney villain.

(basically, i think i need sleep...)