Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rewriting #1

I made them all laugh about how no one looks at each other, and once I do stare at someone's face, I cause awkwardness, even more so if I try to smile anonymously.

I told them, how every morning, without fail, an old man in a white suit would bless me on the tube. And how I smiled at him every time, and his insistence to call me 'the repenting sinner'

I made them laugh at how everyone runs in heels, while I trip on flats. I told them of the legging fashion- how leggings and a shirt only are worn, but no skirt. I told them how the first time I saw it, I tried to politely ask the girl if she forgot to wear a skirt.

I told them of one morning where I arrived at rush hour, and how tense everyone was- in fact I sensed that if they got more tense they would have 'let one rip' as they say.

I told them how I was going to miss being a fresher, because of everyone's low expectations.

I told them about the different races, so diverse yet so divided. And the unfortunate stereotypical roles they had all fallen into.

I told them of how I had a hacking cough that vibrated through my chest. It stuck for too long, and after numerous consultations, the diagnosis had been 'you're not used to the polluted city air'. To which I had replied 'yes, I prefer the very clean Baghdad air'. The doctor had stared before breaking out into a bellowing laugh.

I'm counting off the days anxiously, my nails having been reduced to mere millimetres.

That wasn't what I wanted to write about- far from it. I miss writing and writing, with no beginning and no end- what I used to do here, you know I might just start doing it again.

I don't want this to be the July 14th. post- I've recalled the events of that Tammuz verbally so much times, I'm not even sure what I think of it any more - my recital of that portion of history usually stems with a stranger's astonishment that Iraq had a monarchy, or something along those lines, and my thought train goes on a rampage...
I'll sleep on it, and decide what to post tomorrow. I think I used to be a hard core monarchist at one point.

I wonder if writing deteriorates or merely changes? I don't think it deteriorates per say, but I'm now stuck in a colourless state of writing, so much words and sentences and experiences, that I've truly come to appreciate the meaning of 'information overload'. That being said from a self proclaimed 'love-to-learn' is a big thing indeed.


jnana said...

Please do write more regularly- your writing has not deteriorated at all!

I'm looking forward to your July 14th post. Whenever anything along these lines are mentioned, I get feelings that I can't explain, this aching devoid of any hope- what could've been?

HyperCRYPTICal said...

I would agree that your writing hasn't deteriorated and I too would love it if you wrote more often.

Miss your wonderful descriptive pieces that in themselves are a work of art.

Anna :o]

Touta said...

there's too much to write about! it's not deterioration of writing i'm worried about- its deterioration of 'regularity', my writing isn't as regular as it once was (nor is yours might i point, perhaps we should both write more! :D)
thanks, i'll make an effort to make it good, i'm depressed by the lack of interest of iraqi women in politics these days...:) best wishes

thanks! you really do make me blush! like i said deterioration in interest in writing scares me, though now i have more free time, i'll do it some more :D
hope all is well with you! :)