Saturday, 16 July 2011

Risk it

It started on one of those famous 'grey days'.

Sitting around, and doing absolutely nothing productive, apart from thinking of ideas to be productive. Or at least pretend we were trying to work.
One of the guys sat up. 'Lets play risk!'. He muttered it with such excitement and strength, that I got a small insight to how he must have been as a child.

I was also surprised by the lack of response his outburst had achieved.

I thought truth and dare had been renamed risk, and chose not to question that assumption. I replied we needed a break, but I was probably going to chose truth over dare. At that statement everyone lazily turned to look at me, and I earned a few guffaws and laughs.

So was my introduction to the board game Risk. I had no idea it would last as long as it did ( rivals Monopoly game time), nor that I would win.

It wasn't Beginner's Luck, it was simply because I constantly acted like a child (who doesn't act like a child when introduced to new board games though?). And my childish behaviour meant I was constantly underestimated. :D

I ended up through a phase of Risk addiction. I'm going to try to explain (again) the rules to my family. I think they've lost concentration, but I'm so addicted, I might end up trying to con the neighbourhood children into playing against me.

Perhaps it would be embarrassing to lose to them (I just know they'll rub it in my face for eternity), but I can never bring myself to rob them of the happiness of winning. (it's hardly as if their life is a whirlwind of joy..)


HyperCRYPTICal said...

Never heard of Risk before Touta - sheltered life? Just googled it and read details on Wikipedia - sounds complex.

There are benefits at times of viewing the world through a childs eyes and often a lot more fun!

Glad you won!

Anna :o]

Violet's Pure Heart said...


Ihsiin said...

Risk is SUCH a good game. At it's best it lasts much longer than Monopoly. A good five hours at the least.

When you first start playing it it's a little pedestrian. Everyone's just trying to build up their armies and defend their borders. All up until that first time when you're stabbed in the back and left with a single soldier to flee off into Asia. And the anger and resentment smoulders away inside you for weeks, until, at last, playing another game of Risk, you find yourself in America with a vague treaty between yourself and he that back-stabbed you, now in Europe. And you build up your men in Alaska and then, when the time is right, you take your vast army through Kamchatka and across Asia, penetrating his poorly defended Ukrainian border and crushing that filthy, backstabbing bastard like the vermin he is.

Of course, it became necessary to ban the word "wallah" from play.
It's also interesting to exclude Australia.

Touta said...


well sheltered implies spending a lot of time indoors. if either of us had done that, then we would have surely learnt about boardgames such as risk.

Therefore, its not logical we were sheltered :D or so works my mind.

its easier playing than the rules, and innocence is always bliss as they say, Thanks :)

انشالله دائما مبتسما :)


Monopoly lasts 5 hours too?
I have to admit, it was me who began the wave of backstabbing.Its just always funny to see the shocked and horrified faces. More importantly, you made a treaty with the person that back stabbed you? :O

I am now going to make sure I guard Ukraine fiercely in every game.