Friday, 20 July 2012

Sectarian Shame

I found it horrendous at first, when listening to my Iraqi comrades. They would inform me of the Bahrain atrocities. When I would add I hoped the best for Bahrainis, and the Syrian people, their heads would shake solemnly.

Phrases such as don't believe the TV/media, for it was all controlled by [insert suitable conspiracy group here]. Really the Syrian government was great, and there was no bad guys there.
Double standards make my blood boil.

The reason, Iraqis home and abroad, backed the Syrian Regime, was quite a simple one. The Government was a Shia based sect. Admittedly, it's not the same sect exactly, but hate blinds those gifted with eyes. My reasoning fell on deaf ears.

Woe this tribal mentality. It stretches to even international matters, over-riding even the humanitarian instinct! To that extent? It's scary, if these poisoned thoughts will trickle down the generations. I really hope it won't.

If the Sunni majority do end up taking power in Syria, certain Iraqis (the Army General types) have made it heard on the 'down-low' that this may not bode well for Iraq as a country.
   The new Syrian power may provide a spine for the people of Sunni dominated governates & cities to rise and either carry out attacks against the current Iraqi government, or push for a Sunni State.
       And thus separation would occur,with separate Kurdish, Shia and Sunni States. (Sorry Iraqi Assyrians,Christians, Mandeans, Sabeans, Syriac,Turkoman,Yazidis etc if you try really hard, you can get a small piece of land too).

I itched for someone to point out that this was all assumptions. Why are our eyes on our neighbours back yards, when our own gardens are overgrown jungles, festering with pests and weeds?
  It's sadly because we have fallen into a 'my family' mentality yet again. We can all regress back to our tribal ways.Why pretend it is otherwise? Even the international world can see through our transparent veil.

Many have forgotten the value of human life. It is that, which should be placed above blindly backing 'our group'. I couldn't say anything.I'd already made one of the guests start shouting, if I'd want to be present again, I had to make sure I spent the rest of the evening smiling and batting my eyelashes.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Apparently I make things harder. Though written in English, it looks funny. When said to me in Arabic, it was food for thought.

I laugh it off. There may be no water, but I can always bathe in my own sweat.

I look a little enviously at all the summer visitors. Their cameras snap crazily, as every little thing is photo worthy, ready to change the land of decades in a few days. I remember when I would answer that there was undoubtedly no beauty such as Iraq.
Now I readily hesitate in my answer, and guffaw at the awful jokes of lack of everything.

The days and hours slowly ooze past, oozing like the many bug bites scattered over my arms and legs.
 I really should wear some of that nasty smelling cream. Apparently it works, though I have to restrain myself from looking at the ingredients - if they're written that is. I contemplate whether I should risk putting toxic stuff on my skin or suffering bites and bleeds.

I've broken two nails trying to pick a lock. I spend my nights giggling until the dawn interrupts.

I realize I am lucky.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


If this works...then telecommunications aren't as bad as I thought they were.