Sunday, 8 July 2012


Apparently I make things harder. Though written in English, it looks funny. When said to me in Arabic, it was food for thought.

I laugh it off. There may be no water, but I can always bathe in my own sweat.

I look a little enviously at all the summer visitors. Their cameras snap crazily, as every little thing is photo worthy, ready to change the land of decades in a few days. I remember when I would answer that there was undoubtedly no beauty such as Iraq.
Now I readily hesitate in my answer, and guffaw at the awful jokes of lack of everything.

The days and hours slowly ooze past, oozing like the many bug bites scattered over my arms and legs.
 I really should wear some of that nasty smelling cream. Apparently it works, though I have to restrain myself from looking at the ingredients - if they're written that is. I contemplate whether I should risk putting toxic stuff on my skin or suffering bites and bleeds.

I've broken two nails trying to pick a lock. I spend my nights giggling until the dawn interrupts.

I realize I am lucky.


Mezraab said...

Revolution, a dignified emotion, can't relieve people from shameless numbness until it is first freed from both the prison of forged academia’s flawed reason & the gaol of the corrupt minds… Till that happens, the unquiet picture of eaze as portrayed by U above will be the only solace, Ur wriring is painfully beautiful, indeed...more power to Ur pen!

تناقضات غربة said...

even when your thoughts are random, they are beautifully portrayed...
Be inspired :) Always

jnana said...

Yes you are lucky. I'd do anything to be in my homeland now..

Touta said...

even your comments are poetic! I think I either admire or envy your talent lol, thanks!

تناقضات غربة
thank you for your even more beautiful words, i hope the contradictions you find only bring joy :D

life has weird ways in how it grants you your wishes! :) Either way Iraq would be lucky for you being in it. :)

Mezraab said...

must have contracted the disease from you, and as the adage goes, 'what can't be cured, must be endured', so bear with me plz...! :)