Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Erbil is the new Baghdad.
Baghdad is the new Najaf.
Najaf is the new Qom.


jnana said...


The Cowardly said...

I want to disagree but I somehow can't,I want to disagree because I think of the minority in Baghdad, not all people are like that.and the most of them are living on double standards,they drink alcohol,steal, aaand they'd still say pork is haram.
as for Najaf,I agree but I would like to say as an outsider studying medicince there: "the people I know,my friends there are good people" and that should be enough to me and to everyone.I mean what else do I want? I'm accepted the way I am,even though I disagree with half of their beliefs and most of the culture.
As long as there are "good hearted" people.What else do I want of anyone???

Iraqi Blogger said...

you must take a full mark in Geography

Touta said...

Thanks! Glad to have made you smile

There are good people and bad people everywhere you go! And it's only a general trend I see, it has nothing to do with the 'goodness' or the 'badness' of are right, when there is good hearts, you need nothing else :)

Iraqi blogger,
هههههههههه شلون تصجمني!!!