Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bombs in the Background

It's been so long, I feel my brows furrowing at the last date I've written. Things have changed and things have stayed the same.
The seeking of 'knowledge' has consumed my waking and (little) sleeping hours.

Rings of grey circle my eyes more and more. At night, I enjoy the laughter of the city. The cold (or cool as they say) air filling my lungs.
Somehow, as I enjoy the glittering lights all around me, everyone notices my faltering smile.

I miss the darkness of my home. I miss the atmosphere of black that shrouds the living and the dead. Though as the days of the imminent return creep closer, a small sense of dread fills me.

The heat, the suffocating smells, the anger. When will this cycle end, I sigh down the phone.

'When you start really living life, then the cycle will be a background to trying to not drown' , a friend laughs morbidly.

Life in Iraq hasn't become worse. It just hasn't got better.

(and as adulthood slowly dawns on everyone, I think we've realized no-one is really looking forward to life there)


Little Penguin said...

I'm equally guilty of not writing in what feels like a lifetime.. I've missed you Touta.. but allah kareem.. It seems like the whole place is faltering and unravelling in a way that's quite sinister.. what happens next, only God knows.. but what makes us resolute humans is our ability to look past numbers and statistics, we just plough on hoping for the next day to be better..


Touta said...

Little penguin,
Well I've missed your reminiscing too! The childish innocence that everyone seems to forget with the passing of time...You are right people are of a perservering nature :)

best wishes!

David said...

Hello Touta,

Its been a long time since I visited your blog, but I remember what a well spoken person you are. :) I recently visited my friend Caesar's blog (I see his blog in your list). He has similar concerns. I'm sure that such concerns must be shared by most people in Iraq. I said to Caesar that I wish there was something I could do to make things better. But, really, all I can offer is to try and be a supportive friend to him. Perhaps I can do that for you, as well.

What are you studying in school?

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