Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pink Elephants

What is happening? I don't really care, leaving the house was always an overrated privilege anyway. But on this rare occasion, that I managed to escape the compound, the car ride was uncomfortable.

I couldn't remember seeing so much dirt, filth and poverty everywhere. What happened to the billowing sands that hid everything from view?

My father started to speak, and my attention cruised around the quite barren landscape.

'I've never even heard of them! No one has! Now they're ruling this governate!! You heard her speak, didn't you?
I ask you, did that story even make the slightest sense? hmppph No!! It was engineered to make it believable.
All lies.'

So his mini rant ended. In lieu of current politics, you may perhaps guess who he is referring to, or you probably might not.

I doubt it ever matters. Corruption is rife and Politics is repeating itself in an endless cycle, and I am left pondering yet again, of the prospect of my homeland.

The rest of the ride was in silence. I snarled at the pink elephant, its eyes bulging, begging me to say something.

I'd already exhausted my 'why can't i come back here immediately though?'.
The answers were always so much more stronger than any of my rebuttals, but we'll see.

I always was (and am) a 'stubborn' ( I prefer independent) child. :)